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  1. How can I login to the platform?
  2. How can I contact the Support Team?
  3. GDPR

Booking Engine

  1. How can I manage the room inventory and occupancy?
  2. How can I manage my room types?
  3. How can I set independent open/ stop sales between Rooms and Promotions?
  4. How can I sort offers on my booking engine / website?
  5. How can I restrict the results shown on my booking engine?
  6. How can I configure the filters for the booking engine?
  7. How can I preview my Booking Engine?
  8. How can I create a new external booking engine?
  9. How can I get the codes to insert my Booking Engine?
  10. How to develop a custom hotel booking engine URL?
  11. How can I add or remove offers from my booking engine and/or website?
  12. How can I hide the room availability warning on my booking engine?
  13. How can I enable my guests to either Edit or Cancel a reservation?
  14. How can I add new custom fields on my booking engine?
  15. How can I set a default country on the booking engine?


Content for website and channels

  1. How can I setup my property overview description?
  2. How can I manage Location and Maps?
  3. How can I change the date format of my booking engine?
  4. How can I manage images and PDF on the Media Manager?
  5. How can I setup / change my contacts details?
  6. How can I setup my website language options?



  1. Social Marketing Accounts
  2. How to convert your visitors into direct bookings?
  3. How can I activate my Shopping Activation?
  4. How can I set Google Tag Manager?
  5. How can I set Individual Tags?
  6. How can I set the Google credentials to track my website?
  7. Google Search Console
  8. How can I edit the Email Templates?
  9. How can I edit my HTML Email Templates design?
  10. How can I translate my email templates?
  11. How can I get automated emails in several email accounts?



  1. Channel Management - Process Overview
  2. General Remarks for RDX Setup
  3. SETUP AREA - Channel Manager
  4. REVENUE AREA - Channel Manager
  5. RESERVATIONS AREA - Channel Manager



Payment Methods

  1. How can I set the payment methods for my property?
  2. How can I set wire transfers as a payment method?
  3. How can I request my credit card's password hint?
  4. How can I change my credit card's password?
  5. How to setup Security Code for Credit Card transactions?
  6. How can I manage cancellation and guarantee policies?
  7. How can I translate my cancellation policies?
  8. How can I assign a new cancellation policy to my room types?



  1. How to setup my currency?
  2. How can I setup my taxes?
  3. How can I define additional fees?
  4. How can I set my minimum selling price?
  5. What is the "Best Available Rate" seal?




  1. How can I setup my hotel policies?
  2. How can I set my children ages policy?
  3. How can I define my release days to cut off online bookings?
  4. How can I add cookies warning message?
  5. How can I setup my hotel services?
  6. How can I setup my meetings/events?
  7. How can I change my "Unavailability message"?



  1. How can I set up different emails for different hotel notifications?
  2. How can I setup new Roles for my hotel users ?
  3. How can I manage my property users?
  4. How can I set back-end in Portuguese or Spanish?
  5. How can I define my low availability alert?



  1. How can I change my own user's password?
  2. How can I see the Terms & Conditions of Guestcentric?