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How can I activate my Shopping Activation?

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The hotelier can engage guests and encourage them to book, convert visitors from website and/ or booking engine into direct bookings.



 The Hotel will be able to setup 6 widgets: 

  • Last Reservation
  • Reservations on last 48 hours
  • Last week stays
  • Best rate guaranteed
  • ADR (Average Daily Rate)
  • Availability

NOTE:  Bear in mind that for all 6 widgets:

  • For both website and booking engine the widget will be shown on the right top corner, 6 seconds after you access/ reload/ stroll around.
  • When the widget is shown, a cookie is stored with expiration date 10 minutes from there, this means that after the widget is shown for the first time (closing it or not) you won't see it for the following 10 minutes.

  • The widget is visible for 15 seconds. After that if none is to be shown, it will disappear.
  • If more than one widget is active, all of them will be 3 seconds apart.

  • By default “% occupancy in Guestcentric” is filled in with 100.

              - This setting is used in “Reservations on last 48 hours” and “Last week stays”,

  • Messages are not editable;
  • This feature is available for all customers, with website and/ or booking engine only;
  • By default as well the general position of the widget will be 'Top right' and the color 'Green'. This will be identical to all widgets. 

STEP 2 :  On 'Website widget settings' select the position and color of the Shopping Activation widget. Regarding position, it can be top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left. In terms of colors, you may decide on gree, blue, dark or yellow. 

STEP 3 : Go through all the widgets and select the ones that you wish to activate:

Last Reservation

  • This widget checks for the last reservation made in the last 48 hours (Booking Date);

  • By default both Booking Engine and Website are Active;

  • If no reservation was made in the last 48 hours, no widget will be shown

Reservations on last 48 hours

  • This widget checks for reservations made in the last 48 hours (Booking Date);

  • By default both Booking Engine and Website are Active;

  • Widget will state 24 or 48 hours period;

  • If no reservations was made in the last 48 hours, no widget will be shown;

  • This widget uses settings from General settins pane:

Example:  If the reservations on GuestCentric application are 80% of the total reservations for the property:

  • If you have 6 reservations made in the last 48 hours, it means that:

              - 6 reservations  = 80 %

              - X reservations = 100%

  • The widget will show that 8 reservations were made in the last 48 hours.

Last week stays

  • This widget checks for guests who have stayed last week (7 days calendar, Check In Date);

  • By default both Booking Engine and Website are Inactive;

  • The widget will state all guests (adults and children) for each reservation in the last 7 days;

  • Last week stays (minimum value) is filled in, by default, with the inventory x2 (sum the total of persons in the inventory and multiply by 2);

              - Example: If the Hotelier sets this value for 10, and the hotel had in previous week 7 people staying, the widget will show 10.

  • This widget also uses settings from General settings pane:

  • if different from 100% is assumed that the total of people registered on the GC app are not the total of the people really staying in the property (same as Reservations on the last 48 hours)

Best Rate Guarantee

  • This widget will be visible if the "Best Rate Guarantee" logo is checked.
  • If not, this widget will not be available.

  • By default both Booking Engine and Website are Active

ADR (Average Daily Rate)

  • This means that if the lowest rate price on booking engine is higher than “weekly ADR” value, the widget will show up (if not you won't have this widget available).

  • By default Booking Engine is Inactive.
  • This widget is only available for Booking Engine.


  • This widget is shown when availability for the days loaded are below the value set at “Availability threshold”;
  • By default “Availability threshold” is filled in with 5, same as the availability alert for every booking engines.

Today's Best Offer

This widget will always show the best offer available for the searching day and, clicking on ‘Book now’, it will send clients to the booking engine with the offer selected.

  • The Widget always open the Booking Engine with one night (today) and the best offer selected, considering the number of adults set by default on the external booking engine settings
  • This Widget is for "today’s" best offer, meaning that if the external booking engine is set to open in other day than the searching day, the widget will not appear.
  • If there's no offers available for the present day (cut off, fully booked, close sales, close to arrival), the widget will not appear.
  • If the present day has available only promotions with restriction that are not overridden, the widget will not appear.

Reservations made by Shopping Activation

  • The widget has a "Book Now" button.

  • Reservations made by the widget will appear as “Shopping Activation” on reservations grid.

STEP 4:  Make sure you save all information by clicking on  button.

STEP 5:  Republish your website by selecting the ícon MORE OPTIONS in the WEBSITE area.

  • Clients with booking engine only will not need to republish this changes.

STEP 6:  Refresh your browser's cache and confirm the widgets are visible.