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How can I create a new external booking engine?

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This feature will allow the hotel to create a custom External Booking Engine, according with the hotel needs:

  • i.e.: domain language, default country, specific offers and layout.

This code can be inserted in every website page (or a blog for example) in which you wish to have the hotels Booking Engine gadget.


STEP 1:  First you need to go to the SETUP > External Booking Engine.


STEP 2:  Click on New button.

STEP 3:  Type a Domain title and select the land language:

 STEP 4:  On Settings section you have few options where you can select:

  • To hide the room availability warning;
  • The default country that you wish to have on your booking engine.

STEP 5:  On the Booking Engine Offers section, you ca choose the offers you want to include on the booking engine.

  • Select the offers on the left side box and move them using the arrows to the right side box.


STEP 6:  On the Additional Fields section, you can select some additional fields that will be displayed bellow the notes on the booking engine:

[ For more details about how to create custom fields on the booking engine, please click here ]

STEP 7:  Click on the  button.

STEP 8:  On the External Booking Engine tab select the new Domain and doble click it:


STEP 9:  On the view external booking engine tab, scroll down until the layout settings.

  • Select your preference and click "Preview":

  • Layout can be "Horizontal", "Vertical" or "Link"
  • Skin can be the "Default" one, the template "Corporate" colour, web "Black" or web "White"

STEP 10:  Copy the code into every page where you want to insert the booking gadget.


Please note that every code is unique and will develop a different layout: