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How can I add new custom fields on my booking engine?

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STEP 1:  First you need to go to the SETUP



STEP 3:  Click on CUSTOM FIELDS button.

STEP 4:  Click on the "ADD" button and type the name of the new custom field. If you wish to have one additional field as a mandatory one use the tick on the required checkbox

  • Click on "ADD" button again which will look like the example below. If you need to add any more custom field, repeat the process.

  • Finally, click on "SAVE".

 STEP 4:  Select a booking engine and open it by click on "OPEN" button or doing double click. 

  • Scroll down to "ADDITIONAL FIELDS" area and put "check" on "ADDITIONAL CUSTOM FIELDS".

  • Click on "APPLY TO OTHER BOOKING ENGINES" and select in which booking engines do you want the selected fields to be applied.

    • Procedure: select from the list of the left and clicking on the arrows insert on the right list of the booking engines.

STEP 5: On the Booking Engine Offers section, you can choose the offers you want to include on the booking engine.

  • Select the offers on the left side box and move them using the arrows to the right side box.


STEP 6: On the Additional Fields section, you can select some additional fields that will be displayed bellow the notes on the booking engine. 

 STEP 7:  Click on Save and Save and Close button. 


If you have an addtional field marked as required and this field is left empty upon booking the reservation this message will appear: