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How can I set the payment methods for my property?

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STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP > PAYMENTS > PAYMENT METHODS.


STEP 2:  On PAYMENT METHODS, you will be able to define the payment options you will acept in your booking engine. 

  Click on NEW, select the relevant option from the drop down list and click on ACTIVE to make it available online.



After this you will be able to see the list of the active payment methods.

These are the current avaliable payment methods:

And this is how they look like on the Booking Engine: 

The payments methods you have active on your platform will have their logos showing up on the payment area of the reservation, for your guest's convenience.



  • In case you wish to remove a payment method from your booking engine, you need to deactivate it on this list.
  • For that you need to select the relevant payment method and then double click on it or click OPEN. On the next screen, you have to unflag the option ACTIVE and then save your changes by clicking on SAVE & CLOSE.
  • From now on this payment method will appear on the list with status INACTIVE and will no longer appear on your booking engine.