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How can I manage images and PDF on the Media Manager?

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Using the Media Manager tool, the hotel will be able to upload images and PDF's, tha can be used on their website and booking engine.

Before inserting this content, the hotel must first consider the file name and its size.



The title of the file will appear in your URL and will be a high priority when Google searches for it.

It is important that the files on your computer do not have generic names such as "imagen.jpg" or the standards of digital machines such as "DSC001" and "IMAGE0001".

Before uploading the file on the Media Manager, please edit the file name to words that help you understand what that picture/pdf is about.

If more than one word, use hyphen rather than underline.


Currently the size file limit is up to 2.99MB for each file.

If you try to upload a higher file size, the platform with display a warning message similar to the one below:


How can I upload an image or PDF?

STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP > MEDIA MANAGER.

STEP 2:  Click the button UPLOAD.

STEP 3:  On the next screen you can select your files and move them to the grey area, just by dragging and dropping the files.


STEP 4:  You can also browse your folders and select the files you wish to upload, just by clicking the option

  • Multi-selection is available and you can also filter this list according to the file name

STEP 5: You will now be able to see the upload status of the files.

STEP 6:  After the process is complete you just need to click on CLOSE.


How can I delete an image or PDF?

STEP 1:  Select the files you want to erase and click on DELETE.

STEP 2:  On the next screen, confirm that you wish to delete these files by clicking on YES.


How can I add a description to the image or PDF?

The file title it's is name, while the Alt Text it's the file description.

Alt Text is a description of the visual elements of the image (which the search engines can not identify) so that this image is better positioned in searches.

Not only for Google, but for it's users, if their browser can not load the image (alt text will be displayed in this case) and even for accessibility purposes.


STEP 1:  Select the picture or PDF you want to add the subtitles and click on EDIT DESCRIPTION.


STEP 3:  Insert the subtitles on the relevant field as shown here and click on SAVE.


STEP 4:  Make sure you get the following message .


STEP 5:  After this you will be able to check the file NAME and the file DESCRIPTION, when selecting the file, as well as it's TYPE ( jpg, pgn ) and DIMENTIONS ( in pixels ).


STEP 6:  Under the WEBSITE tab click on PUBLISH CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.



  • To better find the images/PDFs you need to use, you can filter by the file name, just by writing down a word and clicking on FILTER.
  • By selecting an image, you can also see a summary of its details (file name, file type and image size)
  • You can also use the buttons SELECT ALL or UNSELECT ALL to take those actions at once for all images.
  • You can navigate within the pages by using the buttons available at the top right corner of the screen.