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How can I add or remove offers from my booking engine and/or website?

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The hotel can hide room types/ promotions from their regular booking engine and automatically from the website. 
- This feature exists mainly due Channel manager mapping or specific offers for agencies. 

 STEP 1: First you need to go to SETUP - EXTERNAL BOOKING ENGINE


STEP 2: Select the booking engine domain, in the language version you wish to update, by double clicking or using the button OPEN.



STEP 3: Click on EDIT.


STEP 4: On the next screen, scroll down until you find the Booking Gadget Offers section.

To remove from your booking engine and/or website you have to pick the offers from the right column and move them to the left column, using the relevant arrows available. 

To add an offer, you have to do the opposite.



NOTE: By using the CTRL button you can do a multi-selection.


STEP 5: Click on 

STEP 6: Go to your booking engine and/or website and make sure all offers are displayed as expected.




  • Repeat all steps from 2 to 5, for all the available languages on your booking engine and/or website, by selecting the relevant domain (line).
  • For website clients, in order for the changes to take effect on your website, after step 5 you will need now to Publish your Website, by clicking on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES under the WEBSITE tab.