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How to convert your visitors into direct bookings?

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The hotelier has now the possibility to convert visitors from website and/ or booking engine into direct bookings.


STEP 1: First you need to go to SETUP > HOME > SHOPPING RECOVERY.

STEP 2:  Click on Edit button and you will find 2 panes:

  • Shopping Recovery 1
  • Shopping Recovery 2

It is possible to setup any of the Shopping Recovery (1 or 2) for Booking Engine or Website selecting the desired option on the "Context" field, as shown in the example below:


How does this works?

For each shopping recovery to be saved as active, is mandatory that you set:

  • Frequency - is the number of visits/minutes the guest has to make/wait until the message is eligible for the trigger.
  • Trigger- sets when you want the message to be shown: Landing, Exit, Inactivity or Permanency. By default it will be "Exit Intent".
  • Promotion - in this context, is the action that you as hotelier want to take, increase visibility by prompting a Newsletter subscription or try to convert the visitor into a direct booking by sending him a special offer.

I have plenty promotions, can I use any?

You can use any promotion IF it has a promotion code (from Special Rates, tab Revenue), otherwise they will not be shown on the list to be selected.

STEP 3: Select Active and make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on 

I have set it up Active and I have a promotion selected, what now?

For the booking engine the behaviour will be : 

  • When you load the booking engine a cookie will be saved counting the number of “visits” made.
  • If you have set a frequency of 2 for the Booking Engine, when you open the Booking Engine for the first time, the cookie is saved with the value =1
  • Afterwords if you cancel, you will return to the website and if you click again on “Book Online”, the cookie now has value =2 and an attempt to leave the booking engine will prompt the message.

The “attempt” can be done by two ways, clicking “cancel” or trying to leave the tab (up).

What happens after we count the frequency?

When the value set for frequency is reached a message to the guest is prompted.

The message dependents of what you selected: a promotion or a newsletter subscription.

  • These messages are also set at “shopping recovering” area. (These are completely customizable and translatable.)

In the case of promotions:


In the case of newsletters:

Editable fields match in the back-office: 

And now what happens?

After the guest submitted an email he will receive a message. (also completely customizable and translatable). 


This message includes a “Book Now” button that will open the booking engine with the promotion that you have set at the shopping recovery area.

  • also: the dates, number of adults and children are pre-selected according to what you had at the time the shopping recovery message prompted.

In the case of newsletters, the visitor will receive a confirmation email of Newsletter subscription.

Once the frequency set has been reached, will my visitor receive always the shopping recovery message?

Once your guest has receive it, another cookie is stored with value =True, meaning that forthcoming visits will not trigger the message. This cookie is valid for a month.

What about the Shopping Recovery 2 - if the “Context” is Website?

It will behave the same way: having no “Cancel” button any attempt to leave the tab as soon as the “Frequency” value is reached will trigger the message.

The difference in the email is thati it will open the booking engine with the default selection (2 nights, 1 adult, 0 children)



  • Translations: 
  • All fields from both Shopping recovery and email template are automatically translated.