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How can I preview my Booking Engine?

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This is only a preview of the hotels booking engine.

The Hotel will be able to make any changes after this, and also set a different layout of the Booking Engine Gadget.

[ For more details about How to create a New External Booking Engine, please click here ]

STEP 1:  Click on SETUP and select the External Booking Engine ícon:


STEP 2:   Select the language you wish to preview and click on the "Open" button:

  • Or double click on it:

STEP 3:  After opening the selected language, scroll down until the LAYOUT AREA:

STEP 4:  Click on "Preview" to see how the Booking Engine Gadget can be presented on your website:

STEP 5:  Click on BOOK ONLINE to access to the Booking Engine that will be presented to your clients: