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How can I set back-end in Portuguese or Spanish?

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It's possible to create or to set an User to have the back-end in Englis/ Portugues (BR) or Spanish.


STEP 1: First you need to click on SETUP on the right top area.

STEP 2: On the left side, in the Navigation Panel, you will have to click on Administration to access the following item: USERS.

STEP 3: After click in Users, you will have access to your Users. Click in Open and on Edit button.

STEP 4: Scroll down this page and on the Locale Settings select the language you wish to have your back end.  


STEP 5: After editing the Language , click Save and Close.and click on Logout.

STEP 6: Click on Logout.

STEP 7: After you log in, you will have your back-end according with the new language set.




You must log out in order to have your back-end displayed with the User saved language.

  • If you wish to have these changes made on other Users back-end, please proceed with the same steps for each User.