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How can I setup my taxes?

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The Hotel can setup their own taxes, if they are not included in the Room rate.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP > PAYMENTS > TAXES.


STEP 2:  Click on NEW button.


STEP 3:  Fill in the details of your new tax:

  • Tax name - name of the tax;
  • Tax description - add some details regarding Tax description ;
  • Amount - choose the amount to be charged;
  • Unit - choose the amount to be charged in percentage or currency;
  • Frequency - Choose if the amount to be charged will be Per Room or Per Person:

If you select any of the "Per person" options you will find a new field for "Settings tax per person":

  • In this area, the Hotel can setup a  Touristic Tax:

  • Min. Children Age - minimum age set to charge.

            - There is an "Don't charge" option available.

            - In the example above Children over 3 years old will be charged 1 (unit) as currency.

  • Max. Amount Per Person - the hotel can set the maximum value to charge per person

           - The client will never be charged over the maximum value set.

           - The Max. Amount Per Person is always set as currency unit.

           - In the example above: if the guest stays for 10 nights, he will be charged 7 instead of 10, because the "max. Amount per person" is 7 and "Amount" is 1.

STEP 4:  Make sure you save all information entered by clicking on .


  • On the booking engine, guests will be able to see the label for  "Taxes" and the total amount to be charged:

  • On GuestCentric system, when opening the Reservations details, the Hotel will be able to see the name "Taxes" and the total amount: