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How to setup my currency?

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STEP 1: First go to SETUP - PAYMENTS.

STEP 2: Select CURRENCY icon.

STEP 3: Select your currency from the drop down list.


STEP 4:  Select, from the dual pick box, what currencies will be available for exchange rate

  •  If there's no exchange rate for a certain currency, it won't be shown on the available currencies.

STEP 5:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on 

STEP 6:  In the booking engine, clients will have the currencies that the hotel set on the backend, available under currency dropbox:

  • Note that everytime a currncy is changed, a disclaimer will pop up:


  • This disclaimer is not editable and is translated in all available languages.

  • As we click OK or close the disclaimer the BG shows rate tiles, offers rates, fees, taxes, total amount and offer details in the currency selected.

STEP 7:  As we proceed to the reservation, the summary will include the offer and it’s details in the currency chosen but the total amount to pay/ amount to pay now in the hotel currency.


  • Add-ons and Extras will display the currency selected while booking and then a similar summary will be shown after selected


  • The currency conversion is only for the booking process. The confirmation is always given in the hotel currency.

  • This feature is also applicable to the Mobile version, that has a currency conversion as well.