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How can I change my 'Unavailability message'?

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The Hotel will be able to define the message that will be displayed when there is no availability, for the selected period on the booking engine. 


STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP > ADMINISTRATION on the left navigation menu, and click on BOOKING ENGINE MESSAGES icon.


STEP 2:  The Hotel can write it's own message, or use the default message from the system:

  • If you click on RESTORE DEFAULTS button, the message will restore to the default settings.


STEP 3:  In the "Notes and special requests message" area, the hotel can insert a message which will appear when the client selects the offer to book.

  • This message will then disappear, if the guest decides to insert a message:

STEP 4:  Click on SAVE and select SAVE AND CLOSE 

Need help translating this label?

Please check this e-card with the step by step to help you with this process:

How will this "Unavailability Message" appear on the Booking Engine?