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How can I sort offers on my booking engine / website?

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The offers on the booking engine are sorted automatically by price, displaying your BAR first.

However, you can define a display order to present your room types and promotions within the booking engine and directly on your website (only for GC website clients).


STEP 1:  First you need to go to SETUP - EXTERNAL BOOKING ENGINE



STEP 2:  Click on the relevant button and select MANUAL as shown here:



STEP 3:  A pop up screen will now appear where you can select the offers and reorder them by using the relevant up/down arrows.

STEP 4:  Click on SAVE and the below confirmation message will be displayed. 




STEP 5:  Click OK and your offers will be now reordered on your booking engine accordingly.


STEP 6:  For website clients, you will need to go to your WEBSITE tab and republish your changes so that your room/promotions pages become updated online. 


  • If you want to revert to the original rooms/promotions order, you just need to select AUTOMATIC BY PRICE option.

  • Your rooms/promos will now be displayed according to your BAR (Best Available Rate)