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How to develop a custom hotel Booking Engine URL

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We have improved the ability to filter information in the hotel booking engine by creating a custom URL. The complete list of supported parameters below.

If you are a developer and need to created a fully customised booking widget for your client/hotel website, please use the parameters bellow to build a custom URL to the GuetCentric's booking gadget.


Mandatory Parameters

  • Booking engine secured URL


  • API key - You can get it by navigating to Setup > External Booking Engine > and Selecting the domain language prefered

On the Layout area, click on Preview and select the numbers ( API key ) after the = sign and before the & character

API key: &apikey=someApiKey


Default Parameters

User can configure the default values for the booking engine here.

  • Check-in: today's date
  • Check-out: after tomorrow's date
  • Number of nights: 2
  • Amount (number of rooms): 1
  • Number of Adults per room: 1
  • Number of Children per room: 0


Optional Parameters

Reservation data

  • Check-in - the selection time frame start day, should be in the yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Number of nights – the number of nights
  • Amount (number of rooms)
  • Number of Adults per room
  • Number of Children per room


Booking engine display

  • Language
    langCode = [br /> bg (Bulgarian)
    ca (Catalan)
    da (Danish)
    fi (Finnish)
    fr (French)
    de (German)
    el (Greek)
    it (Italian)
    lv (Latvian)
    zh-CN (Mandarin Chinese)
    pl (Polish)
    br (Portuguese BR)
    pt (Portuguese PT)
    ro (Romanian)
    ru (Russian)
    sk (Slovak)
    es (Spanish)
    sv (Swedish)
    tr (Turkish)]

  • Preselected room/promo
  • Promo code:
  • Preselecting promo code
  • Filter offers
    & flterOffers=[rooms, promotions, all]
  • Products (vouchers) - to open products on Booking Engine.

How to get the Room/ Promo ID?

Clients who have the Social Media product with GuestCentric - Marketing tab - will be able to get the Room or Promo ID, using the "Click to Book" tool - here. The URL created will give you this details, when testing it.

Otherwise, on your booking engine, you will be able to get the Room or Promo ID using the Inspect element of your browser.

With the right mouse button, click on Inspect, select the offer on the booking engine, and the system will tell the Room or Promo ID:



  • Thank-you page, is the URL of the page to be shown after the confirmation screen
  • Cancel page URL, is the URL to be shown when not completing a booking
  • Not opening mobile booking engine



  • Channel Key that is used for reporting when bookings are completed
  • Referrer


Example of use

  • URL
  • Create your link here


How can I run the report per referrer?

STEP 1:  To activate the report per referrer first you need to include the following string to your booking engine

URL - &r=text

On the text area you should enter the information you want to display on the report.


EXAMPLE of URL to get referrer from Tripadvisor reservations:


STEP 2:  To see the report per referrer, please go to DASHBOARD. Under the Revenue Reports area, select the option PER REFERRER.

You can see the information on an annual or monthly basis.


ATTENTION:  The string cannot have any empty spaces.