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    1. Channel Management - Process Overview

    2. General Remarks for RDX Setup

    3. What do I need to do to sign up for connection?

    4. What do I need to do to sign up for Expedia connection?

    5. How can I define a specific sell limit for OTA's?

    6. How can I increase/decrease my rates for specific channels?

    7. How can I activate a channel on Guestcentric extranet?

    8. My rooms got disabled on the channel manager, why?

    9. B-Guest Integration

    10. Roomorama Integration



    1. How can I link promotions to be sold on my other OTA channels?

    2. I've just created a new offer and its not available on the channel, why?

    3. I was updating my revenue calendar and received a publishing error, why?

    4. The values (rates/availability) on my PMS do not match with guestcentric revenue calendar, why?



    1. Reservation Handling

    2. A channel reservation didnt drop into guestcentric, why?

    3. A reservation status is showing up 'with warnings', why?

    4. A reservation dropped when I was already fully booked, why?

    5. A reservation dropped when I had already stopped sales, why?

    6. I received one channel reservation, but on guestcentric it shows as a multiple reservation, why?

    7. I received a reservation with a fake email guest details, why?

    8. A reservation modification is showing up as a UNREAD reservation, why?

    9. I have just enabled the channel manager, but I cant find my channel reservations on guestcentric, why?



    1. How can I activate a PMS integration?

    2. What do I need to set a PMS Integration?



    1. How can I request a Payment Gateway integration?

    2. How can I activate a Payment Gateway Integration?



    1. How can I activate TripConnect?
    2. How can I activate Tripadvisor Review Express?