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What do I need to set a PMS Integration?

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PMS integration will allow you to import reservations from your booking engine & OTA channels in the property management system.

This will allow an automatic update of reservations where all the communication is from GuestCentric service to the PMS provider.

Some PMS already provide 2-way connections, allowing to send rates & availabilities to Guestcentric, as a channel.


STEP 1: First you need to define which will be your PMS provider. 

Some of our current providers are:

  • NewHotel (Portugal)
  • HotelWare (Chipre) 
  • HostPMS (Portugal)
  • InformHotel(Brasil)
  • Agilysys (UK)
  • Penthotel (Portugal)
  • Protel (Germany)

Please check our full list here.


NOTE: Regarding other providers, just let us know the contacts of your provider.

We will contact their technical team to evaluate a possible integration, as this process also depends on their ability to establish a comunication with Guestcentric.


STEP 2: After selecting the PMS provider, define with your PMS Account Manager the service you will have with them and the steps to start the service.

STEP 3: Inform your PMS provider that you'll be integrating with Guestcentric.

STEP 4: Start the setup process in our platform to be ready for the integration.


Please click here for more details: How can I activate a PMS Integration?



  • Some PMS's might allow you also to send rates/inventory updates to Guestcentric as a channel.

  • Some PMS will need room mappings on the PMS side and on Guestcentric side.

    • For more information on this, please contact your PMS account manager to confirm whether this feature is active on your contract.