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A reservation dropped when I had already stopped sales, why?

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This scenario is possible when one of the following options is available on the channel side:

  1. The hotel has minimum allocation contracted on the channel side, therefore this channel will disregard the stop sales we sent and will still allow a new reservation, based on their allocation settings.

  2. Specifically, on channel, there's an "auto-replenishment" rule that opens your sales if they receive a reservation cancellation/modification.

    • This means, that if a cancellation/modification is received, will try to re-sell that reservation and for that purpose it will automatically open the date you had previsouly closed, disregarding the availability settings you had on the background. On this case, just imagine you had stopped sales, but behind the scenes you had 2 rooms available, will re-open sales due to the cancellation, but now you will have 3 rooms available.


Whenever our system detects that a reservation has been made when you had already stopped sales, the reservation status displays "with warnings".

By clicking to see reservation details, you will be able to see full information on the dates with sales stopped, as shown here: