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My rooms got disabled on the channel manager, why?

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This can happen due to several reasons.

Here are the most common ones:

  1. Your channel contract is no longer valid for the minimum required length of channel calendar. Some channels require to have a minimum of 400 days of loaded calendar, whenever we reach a date with no original data, our tool cannot process any updates.
  2. You are trying to set a rate lower that the minimum allowed by the configurations set on the channel extranet.
  3. Your are setting stay restrictions that arent compatible with your channel settings.

On any of the scenarios above an email is sent to hotel with the relevant instructions to re-enable the connection.

On most of the cases you will need to contact your channel account manager requesting them to make the necessary adjustments on the channel extranet.


As soon as you manage to sort the issues reported above, please make sure you contact our support team, requesting us to re-enable the connections, otherwise they will remain inactive.