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How can I check the commission amounts for OTA reservations?

The system enables the hotelier the possibility to check the OTA commission amount for each reservation.

Within the reservation details there is a specific row, called 'Total room commission', which shows the exact amount the Hotel is paying the OTA for that booking. 

To access this information, please go to the tab 'Reservations', double click on one reservation, and scroll down until the 'Rate details' section: 

The commission value will be displayed in Red.

This is an extra information for consultation purposes, and has no interference with the hotel's charging procedures or methods of payment.  

There are no sums or subtractions made to the 'Total amount', this element is displayed normally, simply having before the commission details as an addition for the hotelier to know which part of that total will be payed to the OTA. 

In terms of direct reservations, the 'Total room commission' will always be displayed in green and with 0.00:

If the hotelier extracts a reservation list from the system, the Excel file will have a specific tab called 'Commission Amount':


- This feature is still not working for Expedia reservations

- The commission amout stopped being displayed in the 'Additional Information/Notes' area as it was before the implementation of this feature

- For reservations confirmed before this implementation (August 2019), the commission details will still be displayed in the 'Additional Information/Notes' area