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What do I need to do to sign up for Expedia connection?

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STEP 1: Login to Expedia extranet


STEP 2: From the top menu, select ROOMS AND RATES.




STEP 4: Select Guestcentric Systems name from the "System Provider" dropdown


STEP 5: Select the Connectivity Options (AR, BR) and click on SUBMIT


STEP 6: This will be your display after Expedia QuickConnect activation:


STEP 7: Expedia will now send an email to the hotel & Guestcentric Systems with the needed details to proceed with the activation on our channel manager.



  1. Only after completing all the steps above will we be able to proceed with channel activation and relevant mappings on Guestcentric.
    1. For this purpose first you need to make sure that you have rooms & rateplans loaded on Expedia
  2. Be aware that if you have allotment contracted, our channel manager wont be able to stop sales on the given dates, but you will be duly notified while publishing on revenue area.