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Reservation Handling

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Reservation Status rules for channel reservations:

  • All channel reservations enter in the backoffice as CONFIRMED, as well as you'll receive an email informing that you have a new reservation.

  • If a channel reservation is edited, the status will stay as CONFIRMED (except for cancellations) but will appear as UNREAD (present as bold) and a new email will be sent to inform you about this.

  • For cancelled reservations from channels, you'll receive an email informing the cancellation and the status will be presented as CANCELLED.

    • Please note that all channel reservations are still being managed between the channel and the guest.


NOTE: Channel reservations done prior to channel manager activation will not be imported to guestcentric, only new reservations will.

If there's any kind of modification or cancellation of those reservations, then this change will be imported to our system as a NEW reservation, so please be carefull to review your PMS availability in case you detect this scenario.

This is more likely to occur on the first upcoming weeks after connection activation.


  • Channels usually do not send the guest email through XML, within the reservation details. Therefore if you wish to contact the guest you will need to get their contacts from the channel extranet and save it back on the GuestCentric guest details.

  • The Credit card details can be accessed by clicking on the “View credit card details” (whenever applicable). Some channels do not provide such information through the XML connection.