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How can I increase/decrease my rates for specific channels?

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STEP 2: Select the channel from the list and click on SET PRICING, as shown here:


STEP 3: On the next screen, select the BEST RATE GUARANTEE from the drop-down list and enter the rate policy you wish to apply.

You can either set a % or a flat rate, for all weekdays or for specific ones, bearing in mind that this is a general setting that will apply to your whole calendar year. You cannot set this seasonally.

STEP 4: To complete the process hit .

STEP 5: Now go to REVENUE tab and make sure you PUBLISH the pending changes. Only after that, your new rate policy will be applied to the specific channel.


This can be used to define whether you want to send PVP or NET rates to the channels.

In case you want to deduct your % commission, you can set a negative value (-25) and the system will apply those settings to the specific channel, when publishing rates.