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How can I activate TripConnect?

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TripConnect allows you to advertise your room prices and availability directly on TripAdvisor, driving visitors who are ready to book directly to your website’s booking page. Get more information here.


STEP 1: First you need to signup to TripConnect with TripAdvisor.

             Go to and subscribe.

STEP 2: Get in touch with your E-Commerce Manager to request the TripConnect integration.

STEP 3: Activate the TripAdvisor connection by accessing the Setup > Home > TripAdvisor gadget > Edit

STEP 4: Insert your "TripAdvisor Gadget Link” to the Account and select Active and save it

STEP 5: In order to finish the process, please login to your TripAdvisor account and select the TripConnect™ Cost-Per-Click Campaigns option.


  • After completing the steps above you should now be able to setup your TripAdvisor campaigns.

  • Check here Tripconnect FAQ's