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Rates, Availabilities and Restrictions

  1. How can I use the Range Update tool?
  2. How can I change my Rates and Availability with the Calendar?
  3. How can I Open/Stop Sales with Calendar?
  4. How can I set stay restrictions using the calendar?
  5. How can I stop sales only for a specific OTA?
  6. How can I create Events in the Calendar?
  7. How can I check my revenue log history?
  8. How can I track changes done to my inventory and/or rates?
  9. How can I export Excel from Revenue
  10. How can I update and synchronize channel availabilities
  11. How can I define price per occupancy per date?
  12. How can I define Cancellations and Guarantee per day?


Promotions and Special Rates

  1. How can I create a promotion?
  2. How can I create a promotion with free days?
  3. How can I Open/Stop sales of Promotions?
  4. How can I define special rates using promotional codes?


Vouchers, Add-Ons and Meal Plans

  1. How can I create gift vouchers?
  2. How can I create add-ons?
  3. How can I configure Add-Ons restrictions?
  4. How can I manage meal plans?