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How can I export Excel from Revenue

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In order to make hotelier's daily tasks easier, it's now possible to export data from Rooms, Promotions and Special rates Revenues.

STEP 1: First you need to go to the REVENUE tab.

STEP 2: There are three different Calendar views, and this option is available for all of them (MONTHLY / TWO MONTHS / YEARLY) on:

  • Rooms individually or all rooms

  • Promotions - open/stop sales

  • Special rates - open/stop sales

STEP 3:  Click on the Excel button and a file will be exported with all the revenue data, for the revenue that you choose, under the title: Name_StartMonth_Period_Channel_DateExport.xls

NOTE: The export will have the following data for each day:

  • Rate
  • Availability
  • Revenue restrictions (CTA, CTD, min/maxStay, exactStay)
  • Open/Close


Keep in mind that in what concerns to the promotions, the export will only have the restrictions from the promotions itself.