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How can I configure Add-Ons restrictions?

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This feature is only available for Premium Service, and will let hoteliers choose which rooms have access to certain Add-Ons, select sell dates and/or active period.

Step 1:  Go to the REVENUE tab and, from the left navigation panel, select below the option ADD-ONS > ADD-ONS ACTIVE

Step 2:  Create a new Add-on clicking on "New" button or select the one you want to edit and double click on it, or select the botton "Edit".

Step 3:  Here you'll be able to edit and fill every field regarding the add-on your are selling, and also choose the restrictions you want to configure. There are the different kinds of restrictions:

Step 3.1.:  Room Type: Hoteliers can set the Add-On to be sellable only for a certain room type.



  • For all already active add-ons, all rooms on the room type field will be checked because as a standard they were available for all offers.
  • If your booking engine settings are set to “Promos Only”, when guests book the room on the promotion, the add-on will show anyway.

Step 3.2.:  Sell Date: The add-on will only be visible and buyable within the range of dates set.

Step 3.3.:  Active Period: The Add-On will only be visible and buyable if the reservation stay date includes the Add-On active period set.

Note: However, it depends if the price is set "Per night" or "Per unit"  :

  • Per Night: Only on reservations that include all days of the active period will the Add-On be shown.
  • Per Unit: If at least one day of the reservation includes a date of the Add-On active period, the add-on will be shown.

Step 3.4.: Maximum per reservation: Set the maximum add-ons that the guest can buy per reservation. This will prevailed over all restrictions, regarding if is per unit or per night

Step 3.5.: Minimum adults: The add-on will only be visible and buyable when the number of adults of the reservation is at least the one that is set as minimum

Step 3.6.: Minimum children: The add-on will only be visible and buyable when the number of children of the reservation is at least the one that is set as minimum.

Step 3.7.: Maximum person: The add-on only be visible and buyable until the maximum of adults plus children per reservations meets the maximum person set on the add-ons configurations

And what about create/edit reservations on backend?

Backend reservations follows the same logic that reservations from website regarding to the units that we can buy. System will select, by default, the maximum amount of add-ons allowed for that reservation.

  • What if I try to add one add-on that is not valid for the reservation details?

    In cases like that, the system will allow to add the add-on but a warning message will appear