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How can I manage meal plans?

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GuestCentric systems allows the Hotel to have 5 different meal plans: Room Only, Bed & Breakfast, Half-Board, Full-Board and All Inclusive.

  • Once a meal plan is active, it is active for all offers (room types, promotions and special rates).
  • It's not possible yet, to inactivate a mean plan for a specific offer




  • By default the base meal plan is set to "Room Only" and all room types are assigned to this meal plan
  • On the left navigation menu you can filter Meal plans according to it's status: ACTIVE, INACTIVE or ALL, or PRICE PER DATE.



STEP 2:  To activate other available meal plans you need to select the option MEAL PLANS - INACTIVE.

  • From the available list, double-click on the meal plan, or select it and click on the EDIT button.
  • You can add a different "Title" and then flag the option ACTIVE:



STEP 3:  Under the Pricing field, enter the additional amount you will be charging for the meal plan upgrade, bearing in mind your base meal plan:

  • You can set different prices for adults and children.
  • On the booking engine the system will then be able to calculate the meal plan charges according to the number of adults and children within the reservation.



STEP 4:  After activating your meals plans, you will need to associate them to the available room types, promotions and special rates, by clicking on the  button.

  • A new pop-up window will appear, and from the dropdown menu of each offer, you can select the correspondent meal plan.
  • When you finish, please click on the SAVE button.


STEP 5:  If you wish to define a different meal plan as your base meal plan, you have to select it from the list and click on the  button.

  • A new pop-up window will appear, and you must click on YES, to save this as your default meal plan:



STEP 6:  You can also change the meal plans label and/or add a % tax amount aplicable only to the meals plans, just by clicking on the  button.

  • A new pop-up window will appear, and you must click on SAVE, to save the tax percentage selected:



STEP 7:  The "Price per date" will open a new calendar, and it will allow the hotel to set a different price for a specific meal plan and for a specific date. This calendar will display 2 action buttons: 

  • Meal plan: drop-down with a list of active meal plans and Edit:




  • The hotelier can review and edit per date, each Meal plan prices, individually:


  • Before clicking to EDIT, you must select some days on calendar:



  • A new panel will be displayed on the left side and the hotel can update the price for the selected meal plan on those specific dates:

- Prices can be set with Incremental values, Percentage values and Fixed values



  • The Hotelier can not set the meal plan with a higher value to the next upgradable meal plan neither with a lower from the previous meal plan.

- The system will validate and will display a top notification to warn about this and it will display a modal with details:


  • Due to Price Per day, the Hotelier may "Reset" the base value by checking the “Overwrite prices” box:

- If you use this option, it will erase all prices modified individually for the meal plan.

- The hotelier should use it when a meal plan is inactive to set prices as default.


How will the meal plans appear on the Booking Engine?


  • By clicking on the "+Info" button, the room information will also display the meal plans available and their price: