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How can I update and synchronize channel availabilities

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This feature gives the opportunity to check the availability of Booking and Expedia, giving the hotelier the power to better prevent overbookings.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to the the REVENUE tab.

STEP 2:  On "Rooms" you can now see the availability existent on Guestcentric, Booking and Expedia.

How to read the Revenue

Risk of Overbooking (RED) - Channel availability is higher

Matching Availability (GREEN)- Channel availability is matching

Possible Lost (ORANGE) - Channel availability is lower

How to Synchronize

  • On revenue menu buttons you have now a new one Synchronize Availabilities button

  • By clicking it a modal pops up with two options, to sync All dates or just Overbooking risk

  • If you choose All dates - availabilities in Overbooking risk and Possible lost will be updated.

  • If you choose Overbooking risk - only channel availability higher than Guestcentric will be updated.


Bear in mind that the dates to be updated will be only those in revenue view. This means that, if you are in a monthly view you will only update for that month, if you are in a 2 month view you will updates for those 2 months and in Year view for the whole year - except for dates in the past.

This synchronize can be made from All Channels or for each channel individually, but not for All Rooms.


  • Siteminder's channels can also be synchronized, however due to a technical constraint, Booking and Expedia are the only ones that we can check availabilities, for other channels we can only update. Hoteliers can always check the availability updates for Siteminder's channels on Log history or Log analysis
  • If hoteliers have allotments on channels, the availability won't read them - So it can be showing 0 availability when in reality hoteliers may still have availability on allotment