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How can I stop sales only for a specific OTA?

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With this configuration, GuestCentric clients have the autonomy to stop sales for one or more offers in a or some specific channels. This configuraton allows hoteliers to have more control about what to offer, where and when.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to the REVENUE tab.

STEP 2: There are Two Ways to do it: From Calendar or Range Update



STEP 2.1: Choose the room you want to stop sales an the channel

STEP 2.1.1: Select the Dates and click on Edit and after that, click on the Stop button

STEP 2.1.2: Click on Apply to conclude the process

Range Update:

STEP 2.2: Go to Tools - Range Update, select the dates, action, channel, offer and select the option Close

STEP 2.2.1: Click on Ok to conclude the process

STEP 3: Proceed to Publish the changes made on Revenue 


  • If stopping sales for all channels, please bear in mind that if the "All channels" button is checked, it will also close the "Website Channel"