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How can I define Cancellations and Guarantee per day?

Cancellations and Guarantee it’s area on Setup where the Hotelier can set the cancellations and deposit rules for Rooms and Promotions.

  • Priorities for cancellation policies;
  • On Revenue, either for Rooms or Promotions, you can set manually cancellations and policy per date.


- Cancellation and Guarantee tab -

The Hotelier can set 2 rules:

  • Cancelation policy per Check-in date;
  • Cancellation policy per Priority

In "Set Rules” 

This modal will allow the Hotelier to choose which rule will be set:



  • The default Rule is per Check-in Date


Rooms: The Hotelier can set different Cancellations Policies per date:

  • Select room;
  • Select “Cancellation & Guarantee” button;
  • Select dates and Edit;
  • Select a policy from the dropdown list on the left;
  • Apply.

Promotions: The Hotelier can also set different Cancellations Policies per date:

  • Select Promotion;
  • Select “Cancellation Policies”
  • Select dates and Edit> update and Apply


  • No Publication is needed on Revenue
    • Once you click on Apply it’s saved and updated in the booking engine. 
  • Promotions updates will activate the Publish button on Website tab, in order to update the Special offers page.

How can the hotelier create a new Cancelation Policy while working on Revenue?

While working on Rooms or on Promotions there is a “New cancellation Policy” button on the top Bar:

  • The “New cancellation Policy” button will open the Cancellations and Guarantee tab from Setup and it will allow the hotelier to quickly access the area to create a new policy.


Reservation details also have an update

  • The Hotelier can open a Reservation and there is a new section for Cancellation Policy.
  • It will show the applied policy on the time of booking.