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How can I create a Promotion with free days?

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The hoteliers can create promotions that have Free days regarding minimum stay restrictions. It will allow to maximize long bookings.

STEP 1:  First you need to go to REVENUE > PROMOTIONS.

STEP 2:  In order to create your "Stay 3 pay 2" promotion, for exemple, click on .

STEP 3:  Select the option: "Free Days".

STEP 4:  Enter the Promotion's name and flag the option ACTIVE.

STEP 5:  Insert a Teaser and a Long Description.

  • In the "Long Description" field you can write all the information you want people to know when clicking "plus on promotions" in the offers list on the Booking Engine.

STEP 6:  Select the mandatory fields: Deposit and Cancellation Policy (from the drop down):

STEP 7:  Add a picture, by clicking on .

STEP 8:  On ROOM TYPES section, you can choose to give free days:

  • The initial days;

  • The last days;

  • The cheapest days;


  • Combination.

Select the option from the “Free nights offered” dropbox

“Last days” is the option selected by default.

STEP 9:  Add promotion's details and restrictions, accordingly, in the area "Restrictions and Meal Plan".

  • On the SELL DATE field you should enter the dates when this promotion will be available to book/sell online;
  • On the ARRIVAL DATE field you should enter the stay dates/period this promotion relates to;
  • On the MIN/MAX STAY fields you should enter the number of nights restriction (example: minimum of 3 nights, maximum of 7 nights) if applicable;
  • On the ADVANCE BOOKING field enter the number of your advance days for an early booking discount;
  • On the ARRIVAL DAY field select the weekdays you allow for check-in within this promotion;
  • On the SELL LIMIT field define the total amount of booking you want to accept within this promotion;
  • On the MEAL PLAN field define which of the available meal plans you want to associate with the promotion. 

 STEP 10:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on .


Does this mean I can create a promo that eventually ends up as "all free"?

No, because combined with free days you will have a mandatory minimum stay restriction. For any (or all) option selected, you will have to have a minimum stay of at least plus one.

  • For example: If you have 2 days as Initial days, 3 for Last days and 1 for Cheapest days, your promotion will have to have a Minimum Stay of 7 days.

Can I edit any promotion to be a Free rate type?

No. You can choose any promotion to be free, but you cannot edit an existing not free promotion to be a Free rate type.

  • Free type promotions cannot be mapped, in order not to allow future error by editing a mapped promotion to a not supported rate type.

How does this promotion will appear on the booking engine?

Having no "value" to show, it will only state the average price of the remaining paying days after the cut-off of the days chosen to be free.


Completing the reservation, the free days are shown along the way:

Hotel email details:

Guest email details:

How will the Promotion be displayed on the special offers page?

Since there is no discount or increase applied in the rack rate the "rates from" will be the same as the best offer included.


  • On the booking engine the promotion will always be shown 30 days before the promotion arrival date and 15 after the last day.
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