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How can I create a twitter or facebook promotion?

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The hotel can create a Promotion restricted to their social media accounts (Facebook and/ or Twitter), in order spread their visibility on their social media network.

  • First you need to make sure that you have already activated the relevant social media accounts as described here.

  • Bear in mind that you will not automatically share the promotion in your social media accounts if you don't activate this feature. In order to do that, click here.

STEP 1:  Go to REVENUE > PROMOTIONS and click .

STEP 2:  Select the "Social" option, in order to create your social media promotion:


  • This can be done also directly from the REVENUE area, under the PROMOTIONS area.
  • You can also use the shortcut available for "Social", by selecting it and clicking on "NEW":


STEP 3:  Create the new promotion's details/restrictions, by following the steps detailed here.

STEP 4:  In order restrict the promotion for Facebook or Twitter you need to flag the relevant options:

  • If you have selected the Social promotion, the area will be displayed with the name "Settings":

  • When selecting a Custom promotion, the area will be displayed with the name "Social Marketing and Special Restrictions":

STEP 5:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on .


STEP 6:  Click on WEBSITE tab and clicking on PUBLISH CHANGES (all this information becomes available on your website.)


  • Your new promotion will have a similar display as shown below:


  • Only your Twitter followes will be able to book these promotions on Twitter

STEP 7:  In order to book, your guest will need to click on SIGN IN TO TWITTER, login to his/her profile and then click on AUTHORIZE APP.

STEP 8:  Only after authorizing the connection to the social media profiles, will your guest be able to see and book the available room types:


  • Your clients do not need to be your facebook fans, in order to book these promotions, however they will need to share the promotion.

STEP 9:  After viewing the promotion on Facebook, your guests will be directed to your booking engine.

STEP 10:  In order to be able to book this promotion, your guests must share the promotion, by clicking in "Share this with your friends".

STEP 11:  Only after sharing the promotion will your guests be able to see and book the available room types: