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How can I edit my HTML Email Templates design?

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STEP 1: First you need to click on SETUP on the right top area.

STEP 2: On the Setup - Home area, click on EMAIL TEMPLATES, and select the EMAIL TEMPLATES DESIGN.

STEP 3: You will be presented with two email template designs:

- Reservations General Template: used in reservation emails.

- Contacts General Template: used for other emails.

STEP 4: Select which one you wish to edit and open it either by double clicking it or by selecting it and clicking EDIT.

STEP 5: If you would like to set a custom image for the HEADER or OFFERS, under the corresponding menu select CUSTOM and ADD MEDIA.

In the Header image collapsible pane, choose Custom and then the size you want for your header.

You can choose one of this images size:
- Short (720 * 90)
- Medium (720 * 165)
- Tall (720 * 300)

Uploading, crop, and copying to clipboard works just the same.

By DEFAULT the system will use for Header the image or name by which your property is identified on the booking engine. The Default image for Offers is the image that identifies the offer on the booking engine (the first image set on the room or promotion gallery). 

STEP 6: In the CONTACT OPTIONS area, you can add a Map and Address.

Check or uncheck will show or not, maps and address in the template of the email you are using.

Also, the map image is now linked to Google Maps, allowing the guest to open the map with the coordinates set by the hotel on the backend (clic here for more information). In a new tab with the location already pinpointed, its possible for the guest to mark as favorite or get directions, enhancing the booking experience.

STEP 7: You can also select which Social links will be included in the HTML email template, by ticking the corresponding boxes under the SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS menu.

STEP 8: Make sure you have made all the desired changes and click on SAVE AND CLOSE.




In Edit location and maps it needs to have “Include google maps” checked, otherwise the maps will not be seen - How can I setup google maps to appear in my website?

In order to add the Social Media links to your HTML email template as specified on step 7, first you will need to setup your social media accounts - How can I setup my social media accounts?