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How can I create a promotion?

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Often Hoteliers create promotions to increse their revenue. By creating special offers with discounts and other perks, guests feel that by booking with your hotel, they will get the "something extra" or even the best cancellation policy.


STEP 1:  First you need to go to REVENUE > PROMOTIONS.



STEP 2:  Click on "New Promotion" or use the shortcuts available for the most common promotion types, by selecting them and clicking on NEW.


STEP 3:  Select the promotion type:

  • Early Booking - to enable promotions when booking in advance
  • Longer Stays - to establish a minimum stay restriction
  • Social - to define a promotion valid only for your facebook fans and/or twitter followers
  • Flash Deals - to define a promotion valid during a specific selling period
  • Packages - to create a promotional package with additional services (meal plans, spa gifts...)
  • - This content cannot be indexed. It can be added in the promotion description content
  • Voucher - to create marketing campaigns and accept vouchers as a payment method
  • Meal Plan - to provide special meal options to your clients
  • Returning Guests - these promotions will only be available to returning guests (the system uses a cookie)
  • Free Days - Promotions that have Free days regarding minimum stay restrictions. It will allow to maximize long bookings.
  • Custom - to create a promotion mixing all the settings/restrictions according to your needs.



Promotion "Returning Guests"

  • When a guest books a room or a promotion, a cookie is saved with the ID of your hotel.
  • So when he returns to your hotel the guest can see this promotion.


Please bear in mind that as a guest:

  • Before booking a room or a promotion, they will not see Returning Guest in the booking engine;
  • If they don't allow cookies to be saved, the promotion is never shown.
  • If they change browser/pc or clear cookies the promotion will not be visible.


STEP 4:  Enter the promotion's name and flag the option ACTIVE.


STEP 5:  Insert a Teaser and a Long Description.

  • The "Teaser" will have visibility on the booking engine and the website, so make sure you enter something appealing
  • In the "Long Description" field you can write all the information you want people to know when clicking "plus on promotions" in the offers list on the Booking Engine.
  • It's also possible to insert a PDF on the Long description of a promotion. For that, you just need to click on the PDF icon and upload the PDF you want to use, or choose one that is already on the system


STEP 6:  Select the DEPOSIT AND CANCELLATION POLICY, from the drop down list.


STEP 7:  Add a picture, by clicking on .


STEP 8:  In the ROOM TYPES section, define the PROMOTION RATE TYPE by selecting one of the following options:



  • It allows to either add a Discount or to Increase the Room rate with a Percentage %

    or an Amount  (e.g. €, £, $, etc).

  • This rate type does not affect Meal Plans, only the Room Rates



  • This allows the hotel to set a specific Discount/ Increase, of a % or an Amount  (e.g. €, £, $, etc).



  • This allows the Hotel to define a fixed price per night for each room type.
  • PROMOTION PRICE PER NIGHT you introduce the price that you want to sell the room.
  • RETAIL PRICE PER NIGHT you can introduce the OLD rate that will appear strikethrough in order the client to see and compare the amount saving on the booking engine as it is displayed on following the image:

   flat rate - retail price per night   


For more details about rate types, please check the following e-cards:


STEP 9:  Under the social marketing and special restrictions section, you can define whether this is a promotion restricted for twitter and/or facebook.

  • PROMOTION CODE - only guests with a code can proceed with a reservation
  • You may click on "GENERATE PROMOTION CODE" to set a random code
  • The promotional codes are also available for the MOBILE.

For more details about social media promotions, please check the following e-card:


STEP 10:  Create the new promotion's details/restrictions, according to the promotion type selected before, by entering the following information:

  • SELL DATE - enter the dates when this promotion will be available to book/sell online;
  • ACTIVE PERIOD - enter the stay dates this promotion relates to
  • MIN/MAX STAY - enter the number of nights restriction (example: minimum of 3 nights, maximum of 7 nights) if applicable;
  • ADVANCE BOOKING - enter the number of your advance days for an early booking discount;
  • ARRIVAL DAY - select the weekdays you allow for check-in within this promotion;
  • SELL LIMIT - define the total amount of booking you want to accept within this promotion;
  • MEAL PLAN - define which of the available meal plans you want to associate with the promotion. 


STEP 11:  Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on the  button.


On the booking engine, the promotion will always be shown 30 days before the promotion arrival date and 15 after the last day. 

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