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How can I edit a content block?

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STEP 1:  Please go to WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2:  Select the page in you which you wish to edit the content block:

  • Double click on it or click on OPEN button.

STEP 3:  Select the content block you wish to edit by selecting it, as ilustrated below:

STEP 4:  Click on the relevant gadget icon  (not on the arrow right next to it) or simply double clik to edit the content block.

STEP 5:  Edit all necessary fields accordingly to your needs and save the content block by clicking on INSERT.

STEP 6:  Save the page by clicking on the  button.


STEP 7:  Publish your changes, under de WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES.

STEP 8:  Refresh your browser's cache and confirm that on the website page, all changes are updated correctly.

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