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How can I remove a content block?

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STEP 1:  Please access to WEBSITE tab.

STEP 2:  Select the page in which you wish to remove the content block:

  • Double click on it or click on OPEN button.

STEP 3:  Select the content block you wish to remove by selecting it, as ilustrated below:

STEP 4:  Delete the content block, using the "Delete" button from your keyboard.

STEP 5:  Save the page by clicking on .

STEP 6:  Select the other languages where you wish to remove the content block and selecting them from the list under WEBSITE TRANSLATIONS, on your the left hand navigation menú.

STEP 7:  Repeat the process from STEP 2 until STEP 5.

STEP 8:  Publish your changes, under de WEBSITE tab, by clicking on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES.

STEP 9:  Refresh your browser's cache and confirm on the website page changes made are updated accordingly.


  • Note that once the content block is removed on it's original language, on Translate Gadgets the other content blocks are still available on the page and it's possible ot edit it's translation.

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