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How can I create a content block?

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    In order to have a more dynamic and professional look website, it is important to use the Content Block gadget.

    With this feature you will be able to create content blocks with content type Text, Image, Video or PDF.

    STEP 1:  Please go to WEBSITE tab.

    STEP 2:  From the available website pages, select the page you wish to edit and double click on it, or click on the OPEN button.

    • Please remember that you can use the navigation pages or filter list according to the page name.


    STEP 3:  Click on EDIT button and scroll down until you find the Page Introduction, Content or Sidebar Content area.


    STEP 4:  On the text tools bar, click on the Content Block gadget icon and select the size you wish to apply.

    • Different types of content blocks have different icons and sizes so they can be better identified.


    • Or select the Content Block gadget icon, according to its content type: Text, Image, Video or PDF.

    • "Top Box - Small" / "Top Box - Medium" / "Pop- up" are only available for Page content (not on sidebar).

     STEP 5:  A modal pops up and you can add the details you wish to see displayed on your website page:


    This feature is only available for premium websites developed by Guestcentric.

    • This content block appears as a pop-up message, as soon as the page where it is inserted, is opended.
    • The following example is merely ilustrative of how a content block pop up appears on the website.


    The Text Content Block can be set with Title, Description, Legend and Image, with the following Link Types:

    • None, Internal or External

               - Internal - you may select any of your website pages;

               - External - you may add an external URL ( external link );


    The Image Content Block can have the link type: None, Internal or External:


    The content block Video can be combined with multiple link options:

    • None: you can have a content block with just the video;

                 - Mandadoty fields: Video Link;

                 - Optional: Autoplay, Mute, Title, Description, Legend and Image;

    • Internal or External you can setup the video to open an internal or external page

                 - Mandatory fields: Video Link, Internal page dropbox, external link text box;

                 - Optional: Mute, Title, Description and Legend

    Regarding Video option, you can check one or both of the two options below:

    • Auto Play - enables the video to start playing automaticaly when visitors enter the webpage;
    • Mute - video will not have sound (independently of being in autoplay or not).
    •  Please bear in mind that by design:

                  - the Auto Play is active;

                  - the "Open link in" is "New window";

                  - there is no Image option with this two types.


    • This link type has no video control, you cannot pause the video;
    • By clicking the video it will open the internal page or external page;
    • For example: to add an URL link for the Youtube video, please use the URL link between quotes, in the Share options > Embed:


    The PDF must have been uploaded previously. For more details about how to upload PDF's, please click here.

    • Mandatory Fields: PDF File and ONE text field: Title, Description, Legend and/ or Image

    STEP 6:  Click on ADD MEDIA and select the photo you want to be displayed on the content block.

    STEP 7:  Click on CROP and setup the area of the image you want to highlight on the content block when displayed on the website.

    • The image preview will be displayedon the top right the same way as on the content block. Adpat the crop, in the big square, until you find the perfect angle, as it showned on the image below.

    STEP 8:  Click on INSERT to clipboard and make sure you get this gadget display on the content area:


    STEP 9:  Click on .


    STEP 10:  Publish your website, by clicking on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES.


    STEP 11:  Refresh your browser's cache and confirm the content blocks are visible.

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