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How can I create gift vouchers?

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The Hotel can setup gift vouchers, that will be displayed in the booking engine to the guests after the reservation is completed. This will ensure that up selling or cross-selling does not distract the guest to select and book a room at your hotel.


STEP 1:  To create a gift voucher, please access to REVENUE tab and from the left navigation menu select the option VOUCHERS > VOUCHERS ACTIVE.

  • NOTE: On the left navigation menu you can filter vouchers according to it's status: ACTIVE, INACTIVE or ALL.

STEP 2:  On the next screen,

  • Either click on NEW VOUCHER button and a modal will prompt with a few options as shown bellow:

  • Or choose one of the shortcuts available:


  • Note: You can select from the available options, or create a CUSTOM VOUCHER, according to the specific details you wish to use.



STEP 3:  Enter the voucher details:

  • Name - insert the voucher name;
  • Active - check this box to make the voucher active;
  • Visible in booking gadget - this option will allow you to sell vouchers as an add, after the reservation is made.

Note: If the Hotel has a website with GuestCentric, the voucher can be also available to book in the page "Products" and can be bought without making a room reservation.

[ To activate the page "Products", please follow the instructions described here ]

  • Voucher Code - 
  • Teaser - small description text, that appears on the booking engine
  • Description - long description of the voucher, visible on the booking engine and the website (if the Hotel has the website with GuestCentric);

  • Terms and Conditions - editable area where the hotel can write the terms and conditions of the voucher

  • Voucher Value - here the Hotel can choose between having a Fixed Price or a Flexible Price:

- Value type: Fixed Price - used to define a fixed price for the voucher

- Price - insert in this area the fixed price of this voucher:

- Value Type: Flexible Price - with this option, the Hotel can define a pricing range;

- Minimum value - insert here the minimum selling price;

- Maximum value - insert here the maximum selling price;

- Step value - insert here the pricing range;


  • When selecting a Monetary Voucher, in the example above, the voucher can be sold for the minimum price of 20 and the maximum value of 200.
  • As it has the step value of 20, it can be sold for the minimum value of 20, and then from 20 to 20 until it stops at 200 (the maximum value):
  • Therefore, it can be sold for 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200.
  • [ Please click here to see how will this be presented on the booking engine ]

Sell Restrictions

  • Maximum per sale - used to define the maximum vouchers bookable on the same reservation
  • Sell date - field to enter the dates when this voucher will be available to book/sell online;

- Delivery Options:  the hotel can select the delivery option/ value of delivery/ if it is per-order or per-voucher, for the following delivery options:

  • Express Mail - you can define value, per order/voucher
  • Standard Mail - you can define value, per order/voucher
  • Fax - you can define value, per order/voucher
  • Email/PDF - you can define value, per order/voucher
  • Pick up in hotel - you can define value, per order/voucher

Customization – the hotel can choose a few Personalization Options and check the box if this is a mandatory field (required):

  • Presented to - title/ first name and/ or last name;
  • Presented  from - the person who is offering this voucher;
  • Dedication - field to write a dedicatory text, from the person who is offering;

STEP 4:  Add an image by clicking in add media (Images).

STEP 5:  Add an image that will be displayed at the top of the voucher - PDF (Header Image).


STEP 6:  To save this voucher, click on.

  • Vouchers will be automatically available on your booking engine, as an add-on service;
  • On the website - if the Hotel has a website with GuestCentric and if the page "Products" is active it will display the Vouchers list.

STEP 7:  Publish your changes, under the WEBSITE tab.


How does this vouchers will appear on the booking engine, after making a reservation?

  • As an example, both vouchers and add-ons will be available to book after booking a reservation;

[ In order to create add-ons, please follow the instructions described here ]

  • Vouchers and add-ons will be presented after the guest has committed to the reservation, ensuring that up selling or cross-selling does not distract the guest from the main task at hand – selecting and booking a room at your hotel.

How does this vouchers will appear on the booking engine, when selecting them in the page "Products"?

  • Note: Add-ons are not available in the page "Products" only Vouchers;

How does the example with "Flexible Price" will be presented on the booking engine?


  • You can order the vouchers appearance on your booking engine just by clicking on .
  • On the next screen order the position of the vouchers, by moving the arrows up and down accordingly and click on SAVE.

Where can I see the vouchers information on the backend? 

STEP 1 : The vouchers will be received on the reservations tab as unread, under the vouchers folder

STEP 2 : An email notification will be sent to the person who buys the voucher, but also to the person you want to offer the voucher to. For this you need to select the option "delivery" - Email/PDF on the booking engine. 


STEP 3 : Once the voucher is confirmed by the hotel, after the guest uses it you can mark the voucher as , so the hotel can control which vouchers were used already.


NOTE: For hotels with payment gateway available, if guest selects this payment method when booking the voucher this will be received as pending payment on the backend until the hotel confirms the payment.