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How can I check my Website Analytics?

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STEP 1:  Click on the DASHBOARD tab.


STEP 2:  On the left navigation menu, on WEBSITE ANALYTICS  


STEP 3:  Once you filter your search (as explained here), the dashboard will show all available information regarding your website visits:

  • Total Page Views: Number of pages viewed in the selected period
  • Total Sessions: Number of singular pages viewed by users in the selected period
  • Conversion: Percentage of page views that originated a booking engine visit
  • Direct Traffic: Percentage of direct searches
  • Bounces: Times where users entered the booking engine and immediately left, without any interaction


STEP 4:  Below the graphic, the hotel can check the website visits by:

  • Most Visited Pages: What users are searching for
  • Traffic source overview: How users find your website on the internet
  • Website visits by Country: who is visiting your website

Here you can also filter the information between the Website and Booking Engine

The Booking Engine dashboard looks and acts like the Website Dashboard, with only more restrictions on the details: 

  • Total Page Views: Number of times the booking engine was visited
  • Total Sessions: Number of singular booking engine pages viewed by users in the selected period
  • Conversion: Percentage of booking engine views that originated a direct reservation