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How can I check my dashboard area?

Dashboards Overview

The first page when you access your dashboards tab is a quick dashboard overview:

Revenue: per date vs average daily rate per day

Analytics: website sessions and booking engine page views

Visibility: main traffic source by country and referral

Distribution: revenue and night by channel group

Notifications: unread reservations, messages, and unpublished pages.


You can see the information on these charts in more detail on the navigation menu on the left:

With every chart on your dashboard area, you have the chance to filter the information how you want:

Per Booking Date or Per Stay Date:

Within a specific period of time:

And if you want the view to be daily, weekly or monthly:

If you click the  icon on each chart you will have a more detailed explanation on what the chart is showing.


Hovering over the charts will also give you more detailed information on the specific data you are viewing.

If you click the  icon, you can hide the charts and focus on the table of contents instead.

If you click the  button, you will be re-directed to the correspondent tab for a more in-depth analysis of the subject:



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