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How can I set Google Tag Manager?

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GuestCentric is fully integrated with Google Tag Manager ( GTM ), which enables external suppliers to use external code to analyze funnels, conversions or others, via Google Tag Manager. Using this tool you will be able to monitor a 100% performance of your campaigns and your websites / booking engines.

The available documentation in our Online Help Menu it's just an initial setup help. Because Google is constantly updating GTM it is better to access directly to their documentation/ support if you wish make use of this tool:

In order to create your Google Tag Manager Account, sign in to your Gmail Account, visit Google Tag Manager and select SIGN UP NOW.



STEP 1:  At your Guestcentric backend [ CLICK HERE ] click on SETUP and click on the icon SET GOOGLE CREDENTIALS.


STEP 2:  Make sure that on "Set Google Credentials" the "Individual Tags" don't have the Google Analytics code with the Active box ticked.

  • If it's Active and in order to use Google Tag Manager, please remove the "tic" from the Active check box and save these changes.


STEP 3:  To enable integration with Google Tag Manager click on "Tag Manager" button and enter your Container ID code.


STEP 4:  Make sure you save this information with the "Tag Manager" option selected ( in blue) and click on the  button.


STEP 5:  Under the WEBSITE tab, click on PUBLISH ALL CHANGES, so that all this information becomes available at your website.

  • It is necessary to publish the Website for the Container ID is updated on your website pages.



Our currently available documentation, is intended to be an initial aid to setup the basis in a quick/ essential way.

This tool is updated by Google regarding changes/ developments, consequentially our document won't include such updates and therefore it is necessary to directly consult the documentation/ support available by Google.