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How can I edit my Reservation's Emails (Email Templates)?

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The hotel has a few email templates that are sent to Guests automatically and these can be edited and translated.

How can edit my :

  1. Reservation Confirmation email? 
  2. Reservation Cancelation email?
  3. Reservation Reconfirmation email?
  4. "Pre-stay" email?
  5. Shopping Recovery email?
  6. Post Contact form email?
  7. Reservation offer email?

STEP 1: First you need to click on SETUP on the right top area.


STEP 2: On the Home area, click on EMAIL TEMPLATES.

 These are all available email templates and their usage description:

STEP 3: Inside EMAIL TEMPLATES select the Email that you wish to edit and click on Open button.


STEP 4: Click on Edit on the left top side and make the changes.



  • Please bear in mind that the information inside the square brackets e.g. [[bookingnumber]] shouldn't be deleted because this information is inserted by default with the reservation's data.
  • Here are all available tags you can use if you wish to add those details to your email templates, making sure you keep its structure:
    • [[propertyname]], [[propertyemail]], [[propertyphone]], [[propertycity]], [[propertywebsite]] and [[propertyreservationsemail]]


STEP 5: Make sure you save all the information entered by clicking on .


How Can I edit my "Pre-stay email"?

This email is sent for every reservation made (backend/ website/ mobile) 48 hours before the check-in date and besides the usual information it includes also a weather forecast (always for only 3 days).

  • This email is not sent for reservations from channels.

How can I translate this email?

This email is, as all others, automatically translated when a new language is added. You can check/edit the translations at Website - Tools - Translate Setup 

This is how the email will look like:


  • You can add several email accounts to be notified also when a new reservation/contact is made through your website.  
    • For this purpose you should add those email accounts on the BCC field, separated by a semi-comma. 
  • Make sure you only have 1 email address associated on the FROM field, otherwise this will cause email delivery errors and you might loose notifications from your guests.