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How to use the GuestCentric Hotel Messenger?

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The hotel can receive requests or questions from their guests, regarding their bookings, through the GuestCentric Hotel Messenger (Chat conversation).

Please bear in mind, that this is not a real time chat.

How can I activate/deactivate HOTEL MESSENGER ?

You can find this feature in the external booking engine configurations:



In the CONFIGURATIONS window, you can see an option called MESSENGER ACTIVE. Set it to YES to activate or NO to deactivate:

  • For every message from the guest or reply from the hotel, an email will be sent to the hotel and guest.

The email templates below will display the Hotel Messenger on the footer. This feature will allow the guests to contact the hotel directly, via chat message. 

  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Re-Confirmation
  • Pre-Stay
  • Re-Send Email

  • Notice the "Edit Reservation"? This option allows guests to edit or cancel their reservations and is available for Premium Clients.

[For more details about how can the Hotel enable their guests to the possibility of editing or canceling their reservations, please click here]


This Hotel Messenger area includes now the following tabs:

  • Messenger: To chat with the hotel staff
  • Profile: Includes the guest personal information (which is a view mode - not an editable area for the guest)
  • Reservation: Enables the guest to edit or cancel the reservation.

When the Guests click on the "Chat Now" button, they will be re-directed to a chat window displayed below.

  • Again, this is not a real time chat:


For every message from the guest, an email will be sent to the hotel:

In order to reply to your guest, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  Please click on the CONTACTS tab and on the left navigation menu, select MESSENGER and then RESERVATIONS.

STEP 2:  Conversations threads are displayed with the reservation number.

  • When you click to open one,  you can see all messages sent, as displayed below:

STEP 3:  Repeat this procedure every time you receive a reply from your client.

  • For every message from the guest or reply from the hotel, an email will be sent to the hotel and guest.
  • When clicking on "REPLY" the guest will be redirected to the chat window:


  • In the area SETUP > EMAIL TEMPLATES area, there is a column called MESSENGER. 
  • Here the hotel may check the templates that use the messenger footer and those in which this feature is not available:

The Hotel can deactivate this feature from the Email Templates, by opening the email and unchecking the box, as described in the image below:


  • The messenger feature follows the language chosen on the booking engine.