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How to use the Power Updater?

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How to use the Power Updater?

You will be able to update availabilities, open/stop sales, rates, restrictions in multiple dates at the same time in a quick and simple manner.

STEP 1: Revenue Area > PowerUpdater

STEP 2 : Select the AREA you want to update ROOMS vs RATE PLANS


- ROOMS: Will allow you to update: availabilities, open/stop sales, cancellations & guarantees
- RATE PLANS: Will  allow you to update: rates, open/stop, restriction, cancelations & guarantees

STEP 3: You are able to select up to 4 multiples date periods by clicking on the "+". If you want to update all weekdays just leave "All Week days" as OFF, if you want to update specific week days select "ON", selected days will be highlighted in blue

STEP 4: After performing the action click on:

PUBLISH button and the action will be automatically published
- PREVIEW button to review the actions you did
- CLEAR PENDING ACTIONS Erase all the actions
- SUBMIT actions will be published