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How to re-import channel reservations?

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This feature gives the opportunity to re-import any missing channel reservations from Booking and Expedia channels.

As long as you have at least one these channels active, an action button will be displayed on the Reservation tab.

What is the criteria to reimport?

The last 25 channel reservations from last 2 weeks will be shown.

What data will be displayed from those reservations?

A list will be displayed with:

  • Channel reservation code;
  • Check-in date;
  • Check-out date;
  • Guest name.

So I only have reservations that have failed?

No, all reservations will be listed, either they were correctly imported or not.

How does this work?

Imagine that you, while checking your Booking extranet notice that you have reservations that were not imported, instead of contacting our support team you can simply click Re-import and select the reservation by its channel code. 

What will happen? If the reservation is valid (is not for a room with no rates or for a wrongly done mapping) the reservation will be re-imported.


Bear in mind that for example, if the reservation is cancelled only on Guestcentric side, if by mistake it is reimported it will arrive as not cancelled.