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How to create a Loyalty Campaign code?


Unlock unique reservation conditions, without duplicating operational tasks!

This e-cards aims to explain how to create a "Loyalty Campaign". These campaigns will be available only to your newsletter subscribers.Meaning that all your guests who have already subscribed to your newsletter in the past are already entitled to take advantage of these campaigns. For new guests, they will need to subscribe to your newsletter to get access to this special deal, and we will show you now how to do so.

STEP 1: Go to REVENUE and select CAMPAIGNS on the left navigation panel

STEP 2: Click on NEW CAMPAIGN and fill the information on the relevant fields

  • Title: is the text shown on the sign up screen
  • Text: is the text that is displayed below title 
  • Button label: is the text that is displayed on the booking engine button to "Sign Up" or "Login"

STEP 3: Proceed with the policies setup and pricing rules, considering always that this loyalty campaign is being applied on top of your selected rateplans.
Here you can actually define if the policy is inherited from the rateplan, or you can select a specific policy from the available drop down list

NOTE: "Create on" field is blocked on purpose as this feature is valid only for "Basic Campaigns" and for clients that have this channel connected with Guestcentric channel manager.

STEP 4: Enter any additional info you wish to be associated internally with these reservations. This info will appear only on the reservation details (notes) and therefore available on the PMS, if its connected with Guestcentric.

STEP 5: Select the rateplans you wish this campaign is applicable, by moving them from the left to the right column.

STEP 6: Click on SAVE & CLOSE

Once the Loyalty campaign is created or edited, the Website must be published, as both Subscribe an Unsubscribe pages will be set "not up to date", as well as, all pages that have the Newsletter gadget.


Now, how will this look like on my booking engine?

The Button you created before will show up like this, so that guests can click on it.

On the next screen, they can decide to sign up or to login (in case they have already subscribed your newsletter in the past)

In case this guest has already signed up your newsletter, they will need only to click on LOGIN and enter their email address.

  • Booking engine will reload and only the selected offers for the Loyalty campaign will be displayed

In case this is a new sign up, after entering the required details they will get this message:

The guest will need to go their mailbox and click on the link sent, as shown here:

After doing so, the guest can go back to the booking engine and click on the above LOGIN button

The Booking engine will reload and only the selected offers for the Loyalty campaign, will be displayed along with the Loyal Member name and a logout link

Moving forward with the booking, the guest details will be pre-filled with first and last name and email.
The email will be disabled since that is the email used for the loyalty sign up.


Loyalty campaign: it's limited to have only 1 active
It's possible to create many Loyalty campaigns but if 1 is active then any new ones will be set as Inactive.


Do you want to make best use out of the LOYALTY CAMPAIGNS?

Contact our support, and we will happily to help