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How to Create a GDS Rate Plan

 How to Create a GDS Rate Plan?

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Hotels with GDS distribution are able to create rate plans to be sold on Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Travelport. Its really easy and simple:

STEP 1: First you will need to go to SETUP Area > RATE PLANS


STEP 2: Click on New Rate Plan or use the shortcuts available by selecting them and clicking on NEW

STEP 3: Select rate plan type and then click on new rate plan.

STEP 4: Fill out the information regarding the GDS Rate Plan and then select the option available on GDS

STEP 5 : On Settings, please configure your GDS Rate Plan (Not Derived, Derived ,Meal plan, Cancelation Policy)

STEP 6: On GDS Settings you will have the rate information fields:

Name: Rate plan name
Description 1 : Rate plan name (must be twice)
Description 2 : Information regarding the rate (what it's included , cancelation policy..)
Long Description: Extended information about the rate Plan ( is not a mandatory field)

Rate Plan Model: On this field, it will be configured if this a comissionable rate, Merchant rate /Flexi-net rate (consortia) or non-comissionable rate (negociated)

Commision Type and Rate Tier

Amount: Percentage of commision if applied 
Rate Tier: Add the rate category. The Categories can be selected on the drop-down list.


STEP 7: Set the GDS/ODD Rate Codes

These codes are mandatory and will unlock the rate access.
Here you will need to configure the acces Code as per Rate Loading Instructions.

Note: This code is usually a 3 letter code and must be placed in the indicated GDS System.

STEP 8: Select room Type to be available for this Rate and set the Rules  for each room type and 


- On Rate Plans General view, this Rate Plan will have the GDS Column with the indication as "YES"
- Negotiated rates need to have PCC/Office ID. PCC´s are identifier that distinguishes one travel agency location from another and can also be referred to as a Subscriber ID. A Pseudo-city code (PCC) is usually a three to five character code (alpha, numeric, or combination) depending upon the GDS. PCC´s must be added by our support team, upon your request