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How to create a base rate plan?


How to create a base rate plan?

Rate Plan: BASE

A rate plan can either be Derived or Base.
Base essentially means the rate plan is independent and has its own unique pricing details. It has no pricing rules attached to it and is not deriving from other rate plans. Here's how you can set it up:

STEP 1: Go to SETUP > RATE PLANS, and click on NEW RATE PLAN (or edit and existing one, if it's not Base and you wish to change).

STEP 2: Fill in the details on the first sections: NAME (mandatory), TEASERLONG DESCRIPTION and IMAGES.

STEP 3: In the IS DERIVED FROM area, mark the option NOT DERIVED. Also take a look and select the other elements such as:

   - IS PROMOTION (if marked, restrictions will be available to select bellow)
   - OPEN SALES LATER (if marked, a full stop sales will be applied to this rate plan for all calendar dates)
   - MEAL PLAN NOT UPGRADABLE (if marked, the guest cannot choose meal plan upgrade in the Booking Engine)
   - ROOM TYPES (mark the room types to be available for this rate plan)

STEP 4: Click on the SET RATES button for each room type to insert the FLAT RATE (default rate to be applied on all calendar dates). 
If the FLAT RATE is the same for all rooms, mark the option APPLY TO ALL ROOMS so you don't have to repeat the process. 


STEP 5: Click on SAVE AND CLOSE, and the RATE PLAN BASE is created


- If you marked the option IS PROMOTION, you may insert the restritions you wish at the final area.
- If you have a PMS or external CHANNEL MANAGER connected in Guestcentric the rate plan must be MAPPED in that system (for Guestcentric to receive calendar updates and to send reservations). 
- The default FLAT RATE inserted can be easily replaced by other rates in the REVENUE area, either manually by the users or automatically by the PMS that will send rates once the mapping is done.