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How can I publish my website via DNS details?

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The following instructions serve as a reference (your Domain Registrant might use different keywords but the principle should be the same)


STEP 1: Login into your Domain Registrant Website.


NOTE: For this you will need to have the specific URL for the control panel of your domain registrant, together with the relevant username & password.


STEP 2: Go to your Domain DNS settings folder.


STEP 3: Select your domain {} and change A RECORD value to:


STEP 4: Select your sub-domain {} and change CNAME value to:




STEP 6: Now login to Guestcentric platform and go to SETUP > ADMINISTRATION > HOSTING SETTINGS


STEP 7: Under the "Select your hosting" field, please select the option "Guestcentric web hosting account".


STEP 8: Click on


STEP 9: Go to the WEBSITE tab and click on 



  • Keep in mind that changes to DNS records may take up to 48 hours to take effect.
  • Each hosting service has slightly different ways to create CNAME records. Guidelines are provided here for some of the common services.
  • Before making the above changes, always make sure you check your settings, especially if you also have email hosting in order to prevent any conflicts.
  • When in doubt, check with the particular company you're using for additional help or instructions. For more informations please go to SETUP > ADMINISTRATION > HOSTING SETTINGS.